About Us

About Aquariawise. What we do

Aquariawise is an online resource spot, inspired by our love for everything fish, and a passion for lush-breathtaking aquascapes.

We’ve merged our penchant for fish with that of content creations to produce a website that is purposefully easy to read, and filled with informative posts that’ll help you navigate the fish keeping hobby seamlessly.

Eddie is the brainchild behind Aquariawise, and also our main contributor. He shares in the passion for the hobby and is a champion for fish safe aquarium spaces, a value shared by everyone working with us. Since the website was created on 8th March 2019, it continues to grow its readership month after month. As such, we do value your support and feedback as we consistently improve and seek to inspire the millions of aquarium lovers across the globe.

Please leave us any query, comment, or concern at contact@aquariuawise.com.

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