How Do I Stop My Fish Tank Filter from Making Noise

By Eddie Waithaka @aquariawise

How Do I Stop My Fish Tank Filter from Making Noise

You may love having a fish tank, but one thing that can very possibly make you despise them is noise from the filter. A loud filter pump might be so relentless that it keep you awake.

So, how do you stop a tank filter from making noise and keep it quite permanently?

To stop your filter from making noise, release any air from the impeller or intakes to create enough suction in the pump. Also pop the impeller in and out to ensure it’s sitting on the grooves properly.

For a new filter that is too loud, lubricate the impeller and other moving and sealed parts with vaseline and remember to prime it once you turn it on after cleaning or doing a water change.

Below are a few reason why your fish tank filter could be making noise and quick fixes you can try.

Why is Your Tank Filter LoudHow to Stop The Noise
Air trapped in the impellerRelease the air on the impeller
Impeller not well setPop the impeller out and set it correctly (Make sure its spinning freely)
Intake not sitting well at the top of the filterPop the intake out and set correctly
Failed primePour water into the filter to start the prime

Why is Your Fish Tank Filter Making Too Much Noise

A fish tank filter will make noise if there is air in the pump, intakes, or impeller, causing it not to have enough suction. Your filter will also be loud if the impeller is not well set, causing it not to spin freely.

If your tank filter only makes noise after a water change or once you turn it on after cleaning your tank, it most likely does not have enough water to prime. You will need to pour water into it to stop the noise.

That said,…

Your fish tank should not make noise because of dirt and debris, although clogs may cause water to fill-up the unit and flow over.

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