Does A Guppy Need A Heater – Best Temperature for Guppies

By Eddie Waithaka @aquariawise

Does A Guppy Need A Heater – Best Temperature for Guppies

Without a reliable aquarium heater, guppy fish are prone to several aquatic diseases. In this post, we discuss the best temperature range for guppies.

Guppy fish is easily the most beginner-friendly tropical fish varieties. They are not only infamous for their hardiness, but also for the beautiful shades they come in, hence the colloquial name, rainbow fish.

Moreover, guppies are smooth breeders; if you get a school of five guppies, in a few days, you will have enough fry to start multiple guppy exclusive tanks; hence they are also called the million fish.

Yes, these tiny finnies will also survive most of your beginner fish keeper mistakes, but there are specific fish tank parameters that need to be considered to keep your guppies happy and healthy.

One of the few deliberations that typically gets overlooked by newbie fish hobbyists is – does a guppy need a heater?

The quick answer is – Yes.

Guppies need a heater to keep the aquarium’s water a bit on the warmer side unless you reside in a tropical region.

We know you have a few questions, maybe you have seen guppy aquariums without a heater, and there didn’t seem to be a problem.

Considering the hardiness of a guppy, they will survive in colder temperatures, but that increases the risk of a lot of aquatic diseases, including Ich and fish fin rot.

Follow along as we explore the best temperature conditions to keep the humble guppy happy and thriving!

What Temperature Can Guppies Survive in

As we said before, most beginner fish keepers are fond of replicating the natural habitats of their newly introduced finny friend.

The concept works flawlessly in the cases of certain aquarium fish varieties, especially the wild-caught fish. However, due to their tremendous popularity, it is natural for fish breeders to set up hundreds of guppy exclusive breeding tanks.

Whenever you go to a fish specialty store to purchase guppies, there is a very slim chance that you will come across wild-caught guppy types. The humble guppy has known life only in captivity. When they don’t know what the natural conditions are like, there is not a strict necessity of mimicking the same settings for them in the aquarium.

Now, one parameter is critical when we are talking about tropical freshwater fish varieties, one that is sadly more often ignored- The best temperature for guppy fish. Our finny friend can indeed survive a wide range of temperature conditions.

However, when you fluctuate too much from the ideal temperature, there is a higher risk of your guppy succumbing to an illness or not reaching its full life expectancy.

A guppy fish can survive at a minimum temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum temperature of around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature is as low as 72 degrees Fahrenheit, the is an imminent risk of nightmarish diseases like fish fin rot and ich.

Comparatively, if the temperature is as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to employ a rather robust aerator because the warmer the water, the less oxygenated it will be.

In both these cases, the lack of stability is quite apparent, so at what temperature range do the guppies thrive the best. Well, the ideal temperature range for a guppy fish is 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Meaning, except if you live in regions where the temperature never drops below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, an aquarium heater is one of the essential pieces of equipment that should be included within your guppy aquarium setup.

Do Guppy Fry Need A Heater

So far, so good, we know now, the adult guppies will thrive well with a heater that maintains the ideal range of 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

But, what about the baby guppy fish or the guppy fry?

Do they need a heater?

Let’s find out.

Before we go into detail about guppy fry, here is a quick fact- if you are on the road to attempt guppy fish breeding, maintaining the optimal temperature will help to keep the gestation period short.

The temperature within the fish tank affects the metabolism, stress levels, appetite, and the gestational period more than any other parameters.

Do guppy fish fry need a heater?

Absolutely, yes.

Baby guppies need a heater more than the adults.


The guppy fry is more vulnerable without any solid coping mechanism. Colder temperatures can affect their growth, make them prone to aquatic diseases, and even prove fatal in extreme situations.

An ideal temperature range of 80 degrees Fahrenheit on the other hand, will supplement the metabolism of the guppy fry, coaxing their appetites. As they receive better nutrition, the faster and healthier they grow into guppy adults.

Conclusively, a heater is an essential part of the guppy breeding process.

Do Guppies Need A Heater in Australia (+Other Warm Regions)

Understandably, it is right to deliberate whether you need a heater in warmer regions like Australia to keep your guppy fish healthy and happy.

Winters in Australia are the epitome of mild, where the temperature seldom drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is essential to understand that your guppy fish are not as tolerant to sudden temperature drops as other fish varieties like the African cichlids.

If you live in Northern, Australia where the winters are frigid compared to the rest of the continent, you need an aquarium heater to keep the guppies from getting shocked and stressed due to the sudden temperature ranges.

The key is to understand, even if you reside in a relatively warmer region, during the winters, if the temperature goes down below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to install a heater in your guppy aquarium.

What Tropical Fish Do Not Need Heater

Guppy fish rate pretty high on the lowest maintenance freshwater fish for aquariums.

However, if you are new to the hobby, hoping to test the waters, perhaps you don’t wish to invest in a heater.

While guppies have their share of charm and a huge fan following, certain tropical fish varieties thrive well without heaters, or in fact, prefer cold water conditions in the fish tank.

Here is a list of fish that do not need heaters along with their ideal temperature ranges:

Tropical Fish That Can Survive Without A Heater Ideal Temperature

  1. Endler’s Livebearer 64 to 82
  2. Odessa barb 70 to 79
  3. White Cloud Mountain Minnow 64 to 72
  4. Sunset Platy 72 to 82
  5. Panda Corydoras 68 to 77
  6. Fancy goldfish 68 to 74
  7. Bristle nose plecos 60 to 80
  8. Rosy red minnows 50 to 78
  9. Asian stone catfish 64 to 75
  10. Celestial pearl danio 73 to 79
  11. Pygmy Sunfish 45 to 80
  12. Dojo Loach 50 to 82
  13. Rosy Barb 64 to 72
  14. Paradise Fish 68 to 82
  15. Bloodfin Tetra 64 to 82

If you live in a stable tropical region where the temperature never fluctuates below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, your guppy fish too can thrive in an aquarium without a heater.


Due to their heralded hardiness, guppy fish aquariums often are unequipped to provide the best condition for the tiny finnies. Maintaining a warm temperature is one of the essential parameters for ideal guppy breeding and fish-keeping experience.

Install a heater along with other primary additions needed by a guppy fish, and you are good to go!

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Author’s Note:

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